Posted: 18 December 2020

Technician High-Throughput Strain Engineering – DSM Delft

Location: Delft, The Netherlands
Hours: 40
Salary indication: 37.812 - 54.017 per year

The position

DSM Biotechnology Center (DBC) is the primary location for biotechnological Research and Development and is responsible for the realization of biotechnological innovations and the development of new bio-products and sustainable bio-production processes. DBC has strong competencies in high-throughput screening, microbial strain development, bio-design and modeling, industrial bioprocessing, application, microbiology, and analytics. DBC is well connected to the DSM R&D hubs in the US and China and external research institutes and universities.

The Automation & Screening group is part of DBC and works at the interface of molecular biology and robotics. By using high-throughput methods, strain engineering, and screening techniques, we improve microbial strain performance to produce diverse products like sweeteners, biofuels, and enzymes.

The challenge

As a technician in the Automation & Screening team, you will be using high-throughput (HT) techniques to build and improve strain performance in projects. The HT DNA assembly and strain engineering strand is integral to building a variety of high-performing microorganisms for the production of diverse biomolecules.

We need members of our team to be detail-oriented, multi-taskers that are collaborative and can fully engage in the execution of the workflows. We are looking to add someone to our team who is:

  • Trained in the area of molecular biology/genetics or biotechnology at a bachelor’s level with relevant experience.
  • Knowledgeable in molecular biology techniques, like PCR, DNA assembly, DNA purification, DNA sequencing, DNA transformation, etc.
  • Interested in laboratory automation and use of data-management systems. Prior experience with automated liquid handlers is favored.
  • Able to manage multiple on-going tasks including scheduling instrumentation and executing daily workflow processes
  • Capable of mentoring and training others on established protocols
  • Proactive in initiating improvements in the workflows/processes
  • A good communicator and fluent in the English language


  • Preparing reagents and materials to support daily operations and taking care of the laboratory equipment that you use
  • Planning and performing experimental work independently in a safe and effective way
  • Utilizing automated liquid handling platforms and custom software to run automated DNA assembly and microbial strain construction workflows
  • Supporting the use of automated protocols and workflows on liquid handlers once fully trained
  • Entering and processing data as well as working with tools to analyze data
  • Interpreting, analyzing, and then reporting the results of experiments to team members.

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