Posted: 5 April 2022

Process and Data Officer – DSM

Location: Geleen, The
Hours: 40

Purpose of the position

Manage the master data workflows for SCM, OtC, PtP and Manufacturing related master data.

Check the incoming requests, communicate with the requesters in case requests are not correct or complete and make proposals to improve the request forms or process to improve the first time right.
Manage the master data to be created or changed. This will partly be done via upload tools, partly manually. Make proposals to improve or build new upload tools. Small changes or simple upload tools will be implemented by the jobholders themselves: creating macros in Excel and/or SAP. The updated master data, uploaded or entered manually, must be checked before forwarding to the next step. The most important master data are Materials, Customers, Vendors, Info records, contracts, BOMs, master recipes, quota arrangements and Reference tables such as; Routing tables, Pricing and Rebates etc.
The purpose is to enable correct and on-time SAP business process execution, facilitate the uninterrupted order flow and to assure accurate reporting in Business Warehouse/ PowerBI.

Correct and complete master data will result in lower operational costs and improved inventory management, i.e. lower stocks / working capital.
The master data workflow used will secure compliance with internal control requirements.
The jobholder will send out reports on master data quality, and open workflows and will be developing simple reports themselves, creating SQL scripts to access master data from SAP.
The jobholder will create and maintain working instructions to maintain all master data elements in scope. This does not only include the actions they need to perform in SAP themselves but also partly what employees from other departments need to maintain.

Several times a year the jobholder will expand their scope to start maintaining other master data elements, or other parts of the master data elements as well. They need to get acquainted with this new part of their work, and also be able to understand the role of the master data in the corresponding process. They need to support the harmonization and standardization of this master data step across all regions that are using this.

The jobholder will execute mass changes of master data, making sure the master data will be updated in the system correctly and completely.

Position context

The jobholder is part of the global Process and Data management organization, the focus is on DEM global. All three Process and Data Officers have the same scope and are supporting master data for all processes (like OTC, PTP, …) and all regions (US, EU, GC, IN, SEA and JP) globally

Within the organization, the jobholder has the role to handle all the master data requests via workflows, but also many requests via email to handle incidental master data updates, questions or issues. The jobholders handle more than 5000 workflows per year, checking all requests on correctness and completeness, checking and releasing all requests and in many cases also entering or uploading master data, based on the data in the request form.

The jobholder will typically have contact with 250 users that can start workflows globally from all processes.

Position content

         Key areas of accountability/responsibility

  • Coordinate and facilitate the operational SAP master data workflow process (create / change/delete) over the various departments/persons, to secure the quality of the data, the progress of the workflow and adherence to the internal control requirements. This allows the DEM business processes to operate correctly and in a responsive manner. Via IRIS and ICF reporting unauthorized master data changes outside the workflow are monitored. In special cases, mass uploads of master data will be done via specific upload tools.
  • Checks of master data and tables on quality, completeness and consistency to assure the reliability of the SAP business processes and reporting tools. Regular cleaning of obsolete SAP master data elements. Points 1) and 2) lead to less manual interference, thus reducing operational costs and inventory reduction.
    Running simple queries on the SAP database as ad hoc reporting to support the business in optimization projects.
  • Trainmaster data owners in the use of the master data workflow system and explaining them the data they need to enter as well as the context globally in which this is done.
  • Maintain working instructions on the actions to be done in the master data workflow, to assure an up to date workflow process. The working instruction contains the part to be done by the jobholder, but in some cases also to be done by the master data owners. Normally once a working instruction has been extended with activities to be done by a master data owner, this step will be taken over by the process and data officers, as long as it will not lead to a Segregation of Duty conflict.
  • The jobholder supports various projects, where changes to or updates of master data are applicable.
  • SRM (buying portal)
  • Maintenance of the approver table in SRM

    Projects/special assignments

  • Implementation of the Master data workflow process within DEM. Assist with the preparation of procedures, instructions, workflow process and other tools before implementation. Trainmaster data users in the new master data workflow processes.
  • When a certain activity has been taken over from business users and fully automated, another activity will be appointed to pick up with the same intention to automate. This can be in or (partly) outside the assigned business process. In this way, the content of the role keeps on changing over time.

The complexity of the position

The fact that master data for one master data element can be managed by as many as 13 users from different departments makes this a complex process as most of the users have different line managers with different priorities. The jobholder has to support the process that workflows will be finished in time, with good quality.

About 400 users have a role in the master data workflow processes in DEM globally.

And although none of the users is reporting to the Process and Data team, the job holder needs to support most of these users in case of questions, guiding them to the right person in case they cannot answer themselves.

The almost unrestricted access to knowledge and the wide range of change authorizations in SAP (mainly of master data) makes this position vulnerable to misuse also by others.

Knowledge and education level

  • The function requires an understanding of the DEM business processes, these are mostly standardized globally.
  • Educational level: Bachelor
  • Basic knowledge of SAP.
  • Basic knowledge of MS-Excel, including affinity with programming tools
  • Basic experience in reporting and analytics
  • Good knowledge of the English language, both in verbal and written communication.

Required level op experiences

  • Working experience in one or preferably more SAP modules
  • Working experience in master data management processes
  • Working experience in one or preferably more business processes
  • Working experience in defining and creating reports

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