Posted: 17 November 2020

Global Campaign and Digital Communications Director – DSM (status: hired/closed)

Location: Heerlen or Randstad, The Netherlands
Hours: 32-40
Salary indication: 88.262 - 126.088 per year

Purpose of the position

The Global Campaign and Digital Comms director (GCD) is accountable for steering the global communications strategy and calendar, and the performance of stakeholder-centric, global and regional communication campaigns. To realize this, the GCD is accountable for strategic alignment with Clusters (BGs) and Functions in the GCLT. The GCD is line manager of and is supported by the whole CoE C&D team. This role is part of the GCLT.

The GCD is the team lead for CoE C&D.
The GCD is, next to the above-described purpose of the position, temporarily accountable for the implementation of the newly defined role and responsibilities of the CoE C&D, the new team roles, and the proposed agile way of working. The GCD is also accountable for starting up the new process cycles that cross the GC&B, and implementing the newly defined content strategy.

Position Context

Global Communications and Branding
TBD if this part should be adjusted based on Focus for Impact (by HR)
Communications is one of the key support functions in DSM. The mission of the function is to:

  • grow relevance and esteem for the company brands;
  • protect and enhance the reputation of DSM
  • contribute to DSM’s business results

In order to realize this mission, the communication employees need to work as a high- performing, global, 24/7, stakeholder focused, dialogue-based, networked team.

The function plays a key role in establishing a ‘One DSM’ mindset and works together with a variety of external and internal stakeholders on a range of complex topics with, at times, conflicting interests. The function needs to align these interests in order to build DSM’s brand value, reputation, and employee engagement across businesses, markets, and regions.

Therefore, an extensive network of contacts, internally (especially DSM Leadership, Functions and Business Groups) and externally with relevant industry organizations, partners, and networks, is needed.

Furthermore, digitalization and its impact on corporate reputation and the growing influence of the general public on the license to operate of companies increase the importance of a professional and agile communication function.

CoE Campaigns and Digital

The CoE Campaigns and Digital is a campaign ‘director’, who builds DSMs reputation amongst stakeholders on digital channels, and steers the content calendar globally (based on DSMs global communication themes).

What we do

  • Drive and own all stakeholders-centric digital campaigns that include the stakeholders in society at large, Investors, Employees, Future Employees, and some stakeholders in the Customers group (e.g. C-Suite and Sustainability Managers)
  • Steer the global campaign calendar
  • Realize successful global & regional stakeholder-centric campaigns, leveraging DSM’s company theme’s and the themes of the clusters (BGs) – regional campaign managers are collaborating with CoE C&D on campaigns
  • Deliver an optimal digital stakeholder journey across all external corporate channels, by owning the external corporate channel mix (social media channels, website)
  • Set KPI’s, challenge, assess, and document global campaign results, in order to learn & optimize

The expertise the team offers to others

  • Create standardized approaches and templates for GC&B to help the teams realize excellent stakeholder-centric digital campaigns
  • Set a standard on how to measure and report campaign results for GC&B in order to benchmark campaigns, learn and optimize

Position content

  • Implementing the corporate communication strategy and –planning and defining the communications targets and KPIs, based on the defined comms strategy by the Cluster Comms directors and Functions as part of GCLT. Steering the communications strategy and –planning
  • The performance of the CoE D&C team
  • The execution of stakeholder-centric global and regional digital communication campaigns
  • The optimization of the digital campaigns, and embedding best practices of team collaboration and campaign execution
  • The strategic alignment with Clusters (BGs) and CoE C&D in the GCLT
  • Embedding best practices from Learn & Optimize cycle into the Imagine cycle
  • The implementation of the newly defined role and responsibilities of the CoE C&D
  • The implementation and onboarding of new team roles
  • Piloting and implementing the proposed agile way of working
  • Implementing the new process cycles that cross the whole of GC&B
  • Implementing the content strategy

Complexity of the position

  • The job has to be executed in a complex, sensitive, and highly dynamic environment with a high degree of senior executive and wide international exposure.

Internally: Understanding interface and boundaries between Company strategy, the role of Business Groups, functions and regions and role of Communications
Externally: Staying on top of rapidly evolving external developments, trends, practices, and their relevance across the communications domains.

Both streams are increasingly interlinked in content and channels so close alignment while keeping the specific stakeholders in mind is crucial

  • The Director needs to interact with many internal (predominantly senior executives in the organization) with different and sometimes conflicting interests
  • Working on a broad range of complex projects.
  • Significant impact on DSM’s brand and reputation, and therefore a high sense of responsibility is required.
  • Maintain a helicopter view with respect to internal dynamics and the impact on external stakeholders.
  • The global position requires high cultural sensitivity.
  • Has to work in a matrix organization.

Knowledge, experience, and educational level

  • An academic degree
  • > 10 years of wide-ranging experience in comparable communication and/or branding role, preferably in a BtB environment
  • High level of seniority, given contacts with executive management, company representative function, and team management position
  • Good understanding of DSM strategy, company themes, and BG strategies.
  • Native speaker/High level of proficiency in English
  • Strong oral and written communication skills

Professional & Functional skills

  • Experience and successes in organizational change management
  • Deep knowledge of agility
  • Effectiveness in working and collaborating with others and in a (prior) matrix organization
  • Experience in strategy setting
  • Experience in coaching teams
  • Has a great focus on outcomes (rather than actions)
  • Flexible and stimulates team to try; Being flexible in the approach the team choose to take
  • Has a mindset to learn

Professional skills

  • Able to develop competence and skills within a network of communications professionals
  • Personal characteristics: communicative, networker, flexible, diplomatic, strategic and hands-on mentality, cope with high pressure, professional, representative, persuasive, pro-active, and culturally sensitive.
  • Strong skills in managing several, complex projects simultaneously
  • Strong skills in people management, team development, coaching
  • Able to act quickly, but always with DSM’s reputation in mind
  • Strong communication skills are essential; he/she will be accountable for the collaboration between BG/Cluster/Marcom, Functions (like IR and sustainability), and CoE Campaigns & Digital including regional campaign manager

Functional skills

  • Knowledge of digital communications
  • Knowledge of communications strategies and methods and the ability to translate these for DSM-needs and purposes
  • Critical thinking, as he/she will be mainly accountable for campaign performances and monitoring KPI’s on global campaigns

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