Posted: 24 June 2020

Fermentation Technician (on hold)

Location: Delft, The Netherlands

(Associate, Senior, Principal) Technician

Service Group / Unit: Genetics / Fermentation / Analysis / Applied Biochemistry / Down Stream Processing/ Service Lab Delft

Position in the organization Reports to: Group Lead

Purpose of the position

To prepare, to plan, to conduct, to evaluate and report on experiments/ analysis within the required preconditions and take the corporate guidelines into account.

Position context

The Technician position has multiple responsibilities as stated in this position description. Depending on several factors as stated in the differentiating matrix (see attachment), growth within the position is possible.

a) Key areas of accountability/responsibility

1.To (co) assess and complement plans for conducting an experiment. If the experiment concerns an in house assignment, reporting will be done in the form of a work plan;

2.To accurately prepare and plan an experiment, so that activities are safe, efficient and effective;

3.To conduct an experiment in accordance with a work plan, as well as monitoring and anticipating on deviations and/or unforeseen circumstances in such a way that these experiments lead to a usable outcome within given preconditions;

4.To process the collected data and observations of the experiment so that they are accessible for the client and meet the given objectives. Data processing will include:

  1. a)  To review the technical process and the experiment process;
  2. b)  To group data, to execute calculations and to document about these calculations;
  3. c)  To verify QESH standardization;
  4. d)  To report.

5. To review on a regular bases with the Scientist about matters such as progress, problems, new developments and planning;
6. Contribute as a team member to improve the team performance. Your activities will include:

  1. a)  To keep track of, and share new developments in your field of expertise;
  2. b)  To manage the equipment and the performance of this equipment as well as writing improvement proposals for further professionalization of the laboratory;
  3. c)  To conduct risk analysis;
  4. d)  To write back up plans;
  5. e)  Tow order raw materials and excipients;
  6. f)  To maintain a relevant internal network.

7. To perform activities according the QESH standardization/ regulations and make proposals to further improvement of the current regulations.

b) Authorities

1. To order raw materials and excipients.

Complexity of the position

The complexity of the position is due to the diversity of the experiments, the used research methods and customer requests. Customer requests may concern characteristics and structures of substances of which it is uncertain up front how they will behave during the experiment. In order to achieve a valid test result, accompanied with an advice and a thorough reporting (this increases with growth within the position) requires a methodological approach and both an analytical and conceptual ability.

Knowledge and educational level

* Work experience and knowledge at an MBO+/ bachelor level; (Not: Master or Phd level)

* Knowledge of laboratory automation;
* Fluent in English, spoken and written.
* Knowledge of GMP and ISO 17025 (if applicable)

Required level of experiences:
Required level of experience is depended on Technician level.

Sociale interaction

* Communicative abilities both spoken and written focused on collaboration within the project team as well as storing, transforming and reporting on process information;
* Consult with colleagues such as Technicians and Scientists;
* Problem analyses;

* Flexible, engaged, independent.

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