2M is short for “to matter”. Helping people to matter has been at the heart of what we do from 2008 onward. Whether you are looking for the best way to advance your career or searching for the best candidates in the market, we want to get to know you.

We care about the next move in your career. We take the time to know what makes you tick and guide you through the application process. We offer various training programs to acquire useful skills. We know the employers: Their culture, their style of management and leadership and the working atmosphere. We go by the principle: To matter, you need to match.

Jos Zijlstra (managing partner): “We meet people from around the world. Hearing their stories makes me feel like a globetrotter. I find it immensely rewarding to make a difference for them.”

Albert Peters (managing partner): “To make a match, you need to know the intrinsic motivation of the candidate. Knowing the truly outstanding people in the business is one thing, but to deliver – you need to engage.”

Why Life Sciences?

Jos: “The Life Sciences job market is candidate-driven. A number of companies are vying for the services of a few exceptional talents. The people in this field are a hard working bunch and passionate about their profession – and it shows!”

Albert: “Most are operating on a very specialist level, but talking about Life gives them a twinkle in their eyes. It is them we are looking for.”