All companies within the life sciences face the continual transformation that comes with complex and wide-ranging issues such as security, emerging markets and new regulations. To stay ahead of the competition you will need to invest in the right people. A key challenge is to ensure that your talent acquisition strategy is properly aligned with your business strategy. Having the right people in the right place at the right time along with offering high quality products will ensure a bright future for your organization. We’re fully committed to assisting our clients in successfully tackling this challenge.

At 2M we believe that Executive Search starts with the assignment itself. It is a matter of gaining a solid understanding of the culture of the corporation, company or organization. A good fit between the candidate and the culture is the deciding factor as whether they simply perform well or actually thrive within your company. Having an extensive international network to draw from, we never fail to find the best possible candidate for a position.

We’ve been providing multinational companies with suitable candidates for over ten years. Our track record is extensive and speaks for itself.

Extensive network

Because we’ve been supporting professionals in their careers for over ten years, we can rely on an extensive network spanning the whole of Europe. We’ve built relationships with key individuals and the  people we’ve worked with like to stay connected to our network because they value our support. We take an innovative and creative approach to profiles and candidates. For our candidates approach this is interesting because it enables them to make exciting career switches to positions they’d never thought of before; for our clients, it means we’re able to come up with more effective and lasting solutions. We go to great lengths to ensure a long-lasting match between candidate and future employer.For this reason we’ve created a thorough intake protocol, so we can ensure long-lasting value for all parties involved.

Thorough intake process

An assignment starts with a thorough intake process. It is a matter of gaining a solid understanding of not only the assignment but also the organization, its culture and where you want to go. This is what we are good at – by means of a range of varied questions, combined with providing you with the latest market insights, we determine your hiring strategy and align our search accordingly. We have a solid talk and align our search accordingly. By fully understanding your principles, values and wishes we are able to provide a lasting fit between you and your future employee.