2M has over ten years experience in finding exceptional talent and our customers share our view of the transformational power of exceptional talent.  We’ve built a reputation for delivering real impact for our clients — from the world’s largest companies to entrepreneurial startups in the life sciences industry.

Our purpose: Helping you matter more in work and life!

We help to find specialists and leaders who make a real difference in their organizations. Delivering superior outcomes for organizations, individual leaders and their careers is our main aspiration. Besides delivering talent we can develop your talented employees aswel. We have experienced trainers who help your staff to reach their full potential.

Our values: Building relationships, long term collaboration and inspiring trust.

Because talented leaders don’t operate in a vacuum, we invest time in diagnosing the relevant strategic, organizational and business context as part of every assignment. We tailor our approach to the needs of your business.

We offer the following business solutions.